How to Find a Medical Detox Program for Veterans in Texas

medical detox for Veterans in TexasAddiction can affect anyone, no matter your gender, race, class, religion, or sexual orientation. However, sometimes certain groups of people are more prone to suffering from substance abuse. For example, veterans deal with addiction at alarming rates.

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), in 2020, 1 million veterans struggled with a drug use disorder while 1.7 million suffered from alcoholism.[1]

If you are a veteran who suffers from alcohol or drug addiction, the first step towards recovery should always be medical detox. Medical detox programs for veterans can help you overcome drug or alcohol withdrawal symptoms, and cravings, and provide you with the psychological support you need.

But how do you find a medical detox program for veterans in Texas?

The easiest way to find a medical detox center is to contact your insurance. If you do not have health insurance, you could ask a medical professional for a referral or consult with an addiction counselor.

Ways to Find a Medical Detox Program for Veterans in Texas

If you are considering participating in a medical detox program for veterans in Texas, you might be wondering how to find the right facility for you. You can take three different routes to find treatment, including contacting your insurance, asking for a referral, or working with an addiction counselor.

Contact Your Insurance

If you have health insurance, the first thing you should do is contact them. Because health insurance companies, including TRICARE, are required to cover addiction treatment services, they can give you a list of medical detox programs for veterans in Texas that accept your insurance. These facilities will be referred to as “in-network,” which indicates that your insurance will cover at least part of the cost of treatment.

Once you have this list, you can begin narrowing down your options by looking at what the detox programs offer. As a veteran, you should always choose a medical detox center that mentions treatments for veterans or trauma-informed care. Alamo Behavioral Health is your trusted TRICARE-rehab partner, committed to trauma-informed care and long-term support for our armed service members.

Ask for a Referral

Suppose you do not have insurance or would like a more personal way to receive a recommendation on a detox center. You can ask a trusted medical professional for a referral in that case. Your primary care physician, therapist, or even your psychiatrist can offer you recommendations on the best medical detox program for veterans in Texas.

Work With an Addiction Counselor

Lastly, you can always choose to work with an addiction counselor. These addiction experts will get to know you, your substance abuse history, and how being a veteran has affected your substance abuse and mental health. Then, they can make an informed decision on which medical detox programs in Texas will best suit your needs.

Additionally, addiction counselors will work with you throughout the entire recovery process. Choosing this route ensures that you will have someone with professional expertise in the recovery field to support you throughout your treatment journey.

How to Choose a Medical Detox Center for Veterans in Texas

If you are looking for a medical detox center in Texas that specifically treats veterans, you can browse their website to find out what the facility specializes in. If they mention treatment for veterans, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) services, or trauma-informed care, you can trust that the program will be suited to your specific needs.

Additionally, you should always look for a medical detox center that uses medication-assisted treatment (MAT). This is especially important if you are addicted to opioids or alcohol, as there are MAT medications that make the withdrawal process easier, safer, and more comfortable.

According to SAMHSA, MAT programs provide the following benefits:[2]

  • Improved patient survival
  • Increased retention in treatment
  • Decreased illicit opiate use and other criminal activity among people with substance use disorders
  • Increases patients’ ability to gain and maintain employment
  • Improved birth outcomes among women who have substance use disorders and are pregnant

Lastly, it is best to choose a medical detox center in Texas that provides a continuum of care. To explain,  this means the facility offers other treatment programs rather than only detox. As a veteran, you should look for dual diagnosis rehab, since PTSD and other mental health conditions often co-occur with addiction.

Get Connected to a Top-Rated Medical Detox Facility for Veterans in Texas

If you are a veteran who struggles with addiction or co-occurring substance abuse and PTSD, Alamo Behavioral Health is here to help. We offer both medical detox and residential addiction treatment, offering you a continuum of care that is trauma-focused as well. We can help you recover from addiction, mental health issues, and the unique problems that arise once you return from active duty.

To learn more about our medical detox program for veterans in Texas, contact us today.


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