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bunch of drugs and pills on the purple background representing most common addictions in texas

What Are the Most Common Addictions in Texas?

The battle against addiction rages on in Texas, affecting countless lives nationwide. For our veterans, this fight is especially poignant.…

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close-up of a woman touch a glass of wine representing wine mom culture

The Trouble with Wine Mom Culture

Have you ever noticed how often a glass of wine seems to be associated with motherhood in today's society? Welcome…

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a woman and a girl stretching their bodies

Developing a Heart-Healthy Lifestyle During Your Recovery in Texas

Recovery is more than just bouncing back; it's about moving forward with a renewed sense of purpose and vigor. In…

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A woman comforting a boy because parental substance abuse affects children

How Parental Substance Abuse Affects Children

Parental substance abuse remains a pressing issue with far-reaching consequences, particularly for the innocent victims caught in its destructive wake…

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A veteran sitting in a therapy room in need of Rehab in San Antonio for Your Alcohol Addiction

What Is Cross-Addiction?

In the complex landscape of struggles with addiction, a seldom-discussed facet casts a shadow over the recovery journey. Known as…

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Two people shaking hands after talking about recovery from trauma and addiction

The Five Pillars of Recovery from Trauma and Addiction

In the journey of life, some roads are more challenging than others. One such path is the road to recovery…

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A close-up of a young man tying his shoelaces on stairs, illustrating the connection between physical health and recovery capital.

The Connection Between Physical Health and Recovery Capital

In the journey toward overcoming addiction, the pivotal role of physical health and recovery capital cannot be overstated. This dynamic…

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A blurred photo of young people dancing in a night club, illustrating the dangers of alcohol abuse among young adults in San Antonio.

Alcohol Abuse Among Young Adults in San Antonio

Alcohol abuse among young adults in San Antonio has become a prevalent issue that demands our attention. Unlike other addictive…

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a senior man suffering from memory loss

Alcohol and Memory Loss – What Is the Connection?

Understanding the connection between alcohol and memory loss is vital, not only for those who consume alcohol but also for…

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A family holding hands and walking happily

The Relationship Between Substance Abuse and Parenting Styles

Parenting styles have a profound impact on a child's development and behavior. The way parents interact with their children and…

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Jeremy Atkins

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