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We foster a community that prioritizes fellowship as we guide you toward lasting sobriety
both during your stay at a detox center San Antonio trusts and after.

Residential Treatment

Medically Assisted Detox

Stabilize in a safe and comfortable environment of our drug and alcohol detox center Texas loves, surrounded by a medical team 24 hours a day. Start your healing journey with the help of our caring staff.

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Residential Treatment

Focus on your health without external stressors and pressure in our inpatient alcohol detox center in Texas. Learn coping skills and pave the road to long-term sobriety.

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Proud to Serve Our Veterans

Our Mission

At Alamo Behavioral Health, helping individuals overcome addiction is more than just a job. It is the very essence of our existence. Witnessing patients rebuild their lives from their lowest points after a stay at our rehab for veterans in Texas fills us with immense pride and gratitude for every precious moment we spend on this earth. We recognize that individuals experience both good and bad days during their stay at detox facilities in San Antonio Texas. Therefore, we extend compassion, patience, and energy to our patients, treating them as we would want our own family members to be treated. Understanding that addiction affects not only the individual but also their loved ones, we provide support to the entire family.

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Transform your life with one call

Reach out to our detox center in San Antonio and jumpstart your recovery. Our all-inclusive inpatient rehab for veterans in Texas is there for you.

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Explore our treatment options

Discuss your treatment and insurance options with your San Antonio rehab advisor and find the most effective recovery program for you.

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Schedule Your Admission Date

Let us help you regain control of your life today! Move forward with your treatment in one of the most serene center for detox San Antonio can offer.


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Medication-Assisted Treatment

Regain control of your life with medication-assisted treatment at our Texas behavioral health center. Our experienced team will ensure you get the medication you need to take a step forward in your recovery and reconnect with your passions and goals.

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Trauma-Informed Treatment

Past trauma has a massive impact on a person’s mind and body. Let the clinical team at Alamo Behavioral Health, a residential treatment center Texas trusts, help you deal with negative experiences that fuel your addiction and find your purpose again, free from harmful substances. 

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Dual-Diagnosis treatment

Many individuals battling addiction also struggle with underlying mental health conditions. Get the help you need with evidence-based treatment and comprehensive therapeutic support at the inpatient rehab San Antonio residents recommend.

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Learn strategies and coping mechanisms that will help you get sober and manage your addiction in an inpatient drug detox center Texas is proud to have. Let Alamo Behavioral Health experts give you the tools you need to prevent relapse and stay on the path to well-being. Rediscover your sense of purpose and motivation.

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Our Military Program for Veterans Overcoming Addiction

One of the best veterans detox centers Texas has provides programs for active duty service members, veterans, and loved ones of veterans, offering evidence-based treatment and a comprehensive approach to aid in your recovery from PTSD. It aims to assist with reintegration into family, work, and civilian life by addressing the unique challenges of transitioning from military life. Our PTSD residential treatment programs for veterans foster a supportive and compassionate community and provide resources and guidance to help veterans achieve lasting recovery and rediscover their purpose in life.

Restart your life
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Rediscover your meaning and direction in life with the right treatment approach at Alamo Behavioral Health, detox center Texas trusts.

we're here to help: (210) 880 - 0108
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Group Therapy

Share a safe, judgment-free space with people who understand you and your struggles at our center for detox Texas residents rely on.

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Individual Therapy

A person-centric approach to explore and identify the underlying issues contributing to your addictive behavior.

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Family Therapy

Develop skills to reconnect with your family and loved ones and build healthy relationships in residential rehab Texas is proud to offer.

End the battle against active addiction

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