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Denial is common among people who suffer from substance use disorder – many do not want to admit, even to themselves, that their substance abuse has turned into an addiction. But recognizing that you have a problem is an important first step toward healing. It is only then that you can start looking for addiction treatment for yourself. When you are ready to do that, consider Alamo Behavioral Health. We offer trauma-informed care for addiction and mental health that adopts an individualized, caring, and compassionate approach. You will be well taken care of throughout your stay by our expert staff in a welcoming and non-judgmental environment. So don’t hesitate to contact us as soon as you decide to seek help. We will be more than happy to guide you on the path toward sobriety.

A therapist and a patient during a one-on-one therapy session which you can get when you seek addiction treatment for yourself.
Seek addiction treatment for yourself at Alamo Behavioral Health and get the care you need to leave addiction behind.

Seek help if you are struggling with addiction

Addiction is a highly stigmatized condition. People who suffer from it are frequently judged and misunderstood – treated as if they simply need to get better at self-control. But that is not how addiction works.

Two factors play into substance abuse:

  1. the physical dependence on substances
  2. the mental conditioning that leads to bad behaviors

Both are developed gradually over time, so it can be difficult to notice when substance use turns into a disorder. This is especially true in the case of abuse of prescription medication which you may have a legitimate reason to use. And if you’ve internalized the stigma surrounding addiction, you may also be in denial about how much control you have over your drinking or drug use. So be mindful of the common signs of addiction, such as:

  • developing a tolerance to substances
  • taking increasingly higher doses to achieve similar effects
  • using substances more and more frequently
  • getting cravings for substances and thinking about using them more and more often
  • experiencing withdrawal symptoms when you haven’t used in a while
  • losing interest in other activities that you used to enjoy
  • experiencing problems in relationships, at school, or at work due to substance use
  • lying to loved ones, hiding and covering up your substance use, or isolating to avoid questions about substances
  • prioritizing obtaining and using substances
  • turning to illegal activities in order to access substances
  • wanting to stop using substances but not being able to

If you experience these symptoms, you should start looking into addiction treatment for yourself as soon as possible. There are many risks to drug use, and they get increasingly higher the longer you keep abusing substances. So don’t wait for things to get worse – start rehab at Alamo Behavioral Health today.

When looking for addiction treatment for yourself, Alamo Behavioral Health is the way to go

Alamo Behavioral Health is one of the top drug and alcohol detox centers in Texas. We provide treatment for a variety of addictions as well as mental health through a trauma-informed lens. At our rehab program, you will be treated with care and respect. So entrust us with your recovery – you won’t regret it!

Intensive residential rehab

Our program is an intensive residential addiction treatment in San Antonio. You will stay at our facility for 30-90 days, depending on the severity of your condition. During this time, you will have daily therapy, easy access to medical personnel, and a comfortable yet controlled environment that fosters recovery. In the early days of recovery, this is the best way to ensure that you stop using substances in a safe way. But if you find that you still need support after the program is over, we are happy to present you with aftercare programs that you can plan for with your therapist. Our goal is long-term sobriety and improved mental health, and to that end, we will do our best during your stay to prepare you for life after rehab as well.

Person opening the door to an empty room.
At our facilities, you can recover in safety and comfort.

Evidence-based methods

We implement a variety of approaches to addiction treatment, all of them proven to be effective. When looking for rehab for yourself, you won’t know what works and what doesn’t in your case. But at our facility, we will tackle the issue from different sides in order to find the combination of medical and therapeutical practices that help you the most. This includes:

  • cognitive behavioral therapy for addiction (CBT) – therapy that helps restructure the way you think in order to break the connection between outside triggers, disordered thinking, and substance abuse
  • dialectical behavioral therapy for addiction (DBT) – a form of talk therapy that helps you understand your thoughts and behaviors while giving you the skills to break negative thinking/behavior patterns and the confidence to implement those skills
  • group therapy for addiction – counselor-led peer support groups that tackle various addiction-related topics
  • individual therapy for addiction – one-on-one sessions with a therapist that focus on in-depth conversations about your personal issues
  • family therapy for addiction – therapy sessions focused on rebuilding and improving your relationship with your loved ones

We also offer medication assisted treatment in Texas to those who are detoxing from alcohol, opioids, or stimulants. This type of treatment uses FDA-approved medications to combat the symptoms of detox and facilitate a safer and more comfortable transition into sobriety. Whether or not you are a suitable candidate for MAT will be assessed during the admissions process.

Mental health treatment

Substance use disorder often co-occurs with other mental illnesses. One in five Americans with a serious mental illness abuse substances, and two in five Americans who abuse substances are mentally ill, meaning that there is a significant overlap between addiction and mental illness. Furthermore, in cases where addiction and mental illness co-occur, they affect each other. This is why at Alamo Behavioral Health, we aim to improve your overall mental health during rehab. If you happen to be diagnosed with another disorder, such as anxiety, depression, or PTSD, our dual diagnosis treatment in San Antonio will help you tackle both your mental illness and addiction simultaneously.

Trauma-informed care

If you have experienced trauma before, it is important that you find addiction treatment for yourself that takes into account your PTSD. Trauma has significant and long-lasting effects on the psyche and can make addiction recovery more complicated. As a detox center that proudly serves veterans and members of the armed forces, we have specialized in handling addiction through a trauma-informed lens. Our trauma-informed care aims to understand your past, your triggers, and your struggles and help you overcome addiction without retraumatizing you.

An individualized approach to rehab

The rehab you find for yourself should be about you personally because your experience of addiction is unique to you. At Alamo Behavioral Health, we believe that this means the treatment you receive should be just as unique. For this reason, we start the program with a thorough assessment of your condition. This helps us develop a treatment plan that works for your situation. You’ll get to participate in tailoring your own recovery to your needs to ensure that the treatment you receive is exactly what you need and not a generic one.

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Our admissions staff and treatment coordinators will work with you to create an individualized treatment plan based on your needs.

Leave any addiction behind with Alamo Behavioral Health

Addiction comes in many forms. You may abuse a legal depressant like alcohol or an illegal stimulant like cocaine. Still, they will have vastly different effects on your body and mind. The right treatment will take into account the specifics of your addiction, including which substance you are detoxing from. To ensure that we are able to help as many people struggling with addiction as possible, we provide treatment for all the major addictions, including:

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“Huge thanks to the friendly staff”

Seeking help at Alamo Behavioral Health was the single best decision of my life. The clinical team is amazing, and other staff members are friendly and really do their best to create a supportive environment. I have a long way to go, but I know that I'm not alone, thanks to everyone at Alamo.

Jeremy Atkins

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