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Welcome to Alamo Behavioral Health, a leading behavioral health center committed to helping individuals overcome drug addiction and achieve long-term recovery. If you or a loved one holds a Tricare insurance policy and are seeking drug rehab services, you may be wondering about the coverage available to you. At Alamo Behavioral Health, we are dedicated to providing individuals with the support and resources they need to access the care they require, including those who are covered by Tricare insurance. So, let’s explore the details of Tricare rehab coverage together. Contact us to find out how our team can assist you in navigating the process of accessing high-quality drug rehab services.

a person being handed Tricare rehab coverage policy
There are many Tricare drug rehab coverage policies.

Does Tricare Cover Substance Abuse Treatment?

If you have Tricare and are interested in the excellent care provided by Alamo Behavioral Health, you may be able to pay for most or all of your treatment with your insurance. Alamo Behavioral Health accepts Tricare. However, you’ll need to review your policy to find out how much of your bill will be covered.

Keep in mind that the services covered and the money set aside to pay for those services may vary from one insurance plan to the next, even among individuals in the same geographic region. If you are a Tricare beneficiary and currently reside in Texas, for instance, your coverage may vary from that of a beneficiary who resides in another state. This is why it’s crucial to understand how your Tricare coverage works before entering drug treatment.

We welcome patients with Tricare insurance to contact Alamo Behavioral Health so that we may help you better understand your coverage and how it applies to the cost of your care. In many cases, Tricare will pay for 100% of your medical bills. However, we will let you know if there are any restrictions on your plan. We take this vital step to reassure our patients that they can successfully use their Tricare insurance and to allay any fears they may have.

What Do Tricare Drug Rehab Benefits Cover?

Representatives from Tricare will be able to tell you what services are covered by your plan and which are not. You can schedule an evaluation for drug rehabilitation services. With the help of the admissions staff, you’ll be able to find out whether or not Tricare will cover the treatment that is recommended for you, saving you a great deal of time.

The recommended level of care can vary from one person to the next due to factors like the type of addiction being treated and the severity of the addiction. Though some individuals can get sober with just outpatient care, others will need both detox and rehabilitation to overcome their addiction. Therefore, it is prudent to get an evaluation of services so you can determine the optimal course of action. Only then can you work with your care provider to determine how much of the cost of treatment will be covered by insurance.

discussing Tricare rehab coverage with an insurance agent
If you qualify for drug rehab coverage and you have the right policy, Tricare can cover it.

The staff at Alamo Behavioral Health can check your insurance and conduct an admissions evaluation. If your Tricare alcohol rehab coverage doesn’t extend to the full cost of Alamo’s services, they can let you know what portion of those costs you’ll be responsible for.

What Are Your Treatment Options at Alamo Behavioral Health?

Alamo Behavioral Health offers a range of evidence-based treatment options to help individuals overcome drug addiction and achieve lasting recovery. Our experienced and compassionate team at Alamo Behavioral Health will work with you to develop a personalized treatment plan tailored to your unique needs and goals.

Medical Drug Detox

When it comes to medical detox in San Antonio, Alamo Behavioral Health is among the most effective facilities available. We take great care to ensure that our patients have a safe and comfortable medical detox. Our facility provides nothing less than individualized, high-quality detoxification services for each patient who enters. The procedure is painless and risk-free, and it helps people who need help in a variety of ways.

All patients at Alamo Behavioral Health are required to go through the medical detox process before they can begin treatment. The purpose of this rule is to guarantee that people experiencing withdrawal will get the help they need. That way, they’ll be able to participate in therapies that address the mental and emotional aspects of their addiction. The goal of this strategy is to give people a solid footing from which to work on their recovery. This is the first step to any kind of rehab.

Here’s a list of our different rehab options if you want to learn more about them:

Residential treatment

Following drug detox, patients move on to the stabilization phase of their treatment. In this phase, patients regain composure and learn to discipline themselves. Residential care, where patients receive constant attention, is instrumental in this process. Whether you are dealing with heavy alcohol addiction or drug addiction. There is a great deal of curation going into the treatments at this point. Our hope is that patients will be given the resources they need to maintain their progress and return to productive, healthy living. Patients benefit from the regimented environment in the residential care setting as they prepare for life after rehabilitation. Consequently, we’d like you to know that our professional and caring staff is here for you at all hours, every hour of every day.

a woman in residential treatment
You may have to go through residential treatment if your case is severe.

Psychotherapy for drug addiction

At Alamo Behavioral Health, we employ behavioral therapies to assist those struggling with drug addiction in addressing the emotional and mental roots of their condition. Both Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and its counterpart Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), have found widespread acceptance because of their emphasis on altering patients’ thought processes and actions.

Both cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) can be useful in the treatment of drug addiction by assisting patients in recognizing and refuting destructive patterns of thought. By doing so, we encourage them to reevaluate the negative beliefs that have been holding them back from overcoming their addiction. Individuals with addiction problems can benefit from CBT because it teaches them how their thoughts, feelings, and actions are all interconnected. Individuals who make adjustments to their way of thinking and acting have a better chance of staying sober over the long term. As treatment continues, patients learn new methods of dealing with cravings and avoiding relapse.

PTSD treatment in substance abuse recovery

Substance abuse disorders are commonly found in people who have experienced trauma. The relationship between the two needs to be worked on if addicts are to make any headway in their rehabilitation. Experts at Alamo Behavioral Health use a specialized PTSD treatment for substance abuse to address the root causes of addiction.

a woman in therapy
Treating PTSD together with substance abuse is extremely important.

Understanding the specific substance use disorder at play is the first step in treating PTSD during rehabilitation. The next step is for our specialized staff to conduct an evaluation so that we can develop a customized rehabilitation plan. Our program for treating substance abuse involves a multifaceted approach that incorporates both individual and group therapy alongside the use of pharmaceuticals. Clinicians will focus on PTSD after substance abuse is under control.

Substance abuse treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder typically incorporates a number of different approaches, including exposure therapy, cognitive (or dialectical) behavioral therapy, family therapy, and so on. They are utilized in the treatment of trauma by facilitating the patient’s understanding of their experiences and the development of healthy coping mechanisms. Individual sessions for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) focus on helping the patient face their fears and develop coping mechanisms in a safe environment.

Dual diagnosis treatment

Alamo Behavioral Health recognizes the importance of dual diagnosis addiction treatment in achieving successful substance abuse recovery. With substance abuse and mental health disorders often co-occurring, it is crucial to address both issues simultaneously. Our team of experts conducts a comprehensive assessment of each patient’s substance abuse history, mental health status, and overall physical health to create a customized treatment plan that meets their specific needs. We offer a range of therapies, including medication-assisted treatment, individual therapy sessions, and group therapy sessions, to help patients achieve lasting recovery. Our addiction psychiatrists monitor patients’ progress and make adjustments to their treatment plans as needed to ensure continued success.

How Much of the Cost Does Tricare Drug Rehab Insurance Cover?

Many insurance plans, including Tricare, have deductibles that must be met before the full cost of care is covered. In contrast, some policies will pay for 100% of your healthcare costs without requiring them to pay a deductible. The only way to be sure is to research the specifics of your plan and become acquainted with any fees or time constraints that may apply. Your ability to receive a certain treatment may be impacted if you have already received that treatment multiple times within a calendar or fiscal year. As there are many policies that limit the number of times a person can access a certain level of care within that time frame.

calculator and money
What amount will be deductible will depend on your Tricate substance abuse treatment insurance plan.

Do not hesitate to contact us at your earliest convenience if you have any questions about the Alamo’s Tricare-acceptable fees. They can help you better understand how Tricare inpatient rehab coverage can help you pay for medical care.

What if Tricare Addiction Treatment Coverage Doesn’t Include All of My Drug Rehab Needs?

Many people considering drug rehab services worry that their insurance won’t cover all of the expenses involved. Many of them are also concerned that their personal out-of-pocket expenses will not allow them to continue with the treatment. But at Alamo Behavioral Health, we talk about the cost of our programs right away. And we do our best to put your mind at ease about how you’ll pay for your care. We always do this ahead of time so that there are no surprises. We will work with you to create a financial plan that will allow you to come to Alamo for services even if your Tricare rehab insurance does not cover the full cost.

When Will I Start Receiving Tricare Substance Abuse Treatment Benefits?

If you decide to seek drug rehab services at Alamo Behavioural Health, we will conduct a comprehensive assessment with you. In order to make a recommendation for the appropriate level of care and confirm your Tricare benefits so you know what your financial responsibility will be. Our staff has extensive experience dealing with insurance companies, including Tricare. We can answer any questions you may have about using your insurance to cover the costs. All we ask is that you bring your insurance card or information so that we can verify your coverage. As soon as the coverage is verified, you can start receiving your treatment. 

a doctor explaining Tricare rehab coverage to a patient
You will start receiving Tricare rehab coverage as soon as it’s verified and approved.

Overcome Addiction with the Support of Alamo Behavioral Health and Tricare rehab coverage

At Alamo Behavioral Health, we are committed to helping individuals overcome drug addiction and achieve long-term recovery. We understand that navigating the world of insurance coverage for drug rehab services can be confusing. We are here to assist you in understanding the details of your Tricare insurance policy.  As well as how it applies to the cost of your care. With our team’s expertise in dealing with different insurance companies, including Tricare, we can help you determine what services are covered and what portion of the cost you’ll be responsible for. We will also explore what financial assistance options are available to you.

We believe that everyone deserves access to quality drug rehab services. Regardless of your financial situation, we will work with you to develop a  good financial plan. That will enable you to receive the care you need. Contact us today to learn more about Tricare rehab coverage. Find out how Alamo Behavioral Health can help you on your journey to long-term recovery.

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