5 Benefits of Residential Addiction Treatment for Veterans in Texas

residential addiction treatment for veterans in TexasDrug and alcohol addiction impacts every aspect of your life. Your health, emotional stability, relationships, and more can suffer when you’re living with an untreated addiction.

Veterans who struggle with substance abuse and addiction require specialized treatment to address the complex underlying roots of their addiction and move forward into a healthier, sober future of their choosing. Many people begin their recovery from addiction in a residential treatment program.

Participating in treatment to overcome an addiction is one of the best decisions you will ever make. Understanding what will happen in residential treatment can give you confidence when seeking the help you need to overcome addiction.

This article will detail what to expect from a residential addiction treatment program and the benefits of this type of treatment for veterans in Texas. You’ll learn how to recognize the need for substance abuse treatment and where to find the support you need during recovery.

What Happens During Residential Addiction Treatment in Texas?

Drug and alcohol dependence is not just a physical condition. Substance abuse issues often have underlying emotional, behavioral, and physical aspects that require compassionate treatment.

Veterans living with substance abuse and addiction in Texas require specialized treatment to identify the roots of these conditions and provide the skills and support they need to avoid relapse. Many veterans find the support they need in a comprehensive residential addiction treatment program.


Many people start addiction treatment in a medically-supported detox program.

During detox, people receive the supervision and treatment they need to stay safe and comfortable during detoxification.

Care during detox often includes:

  • Medications to manage withdrawal symptoms
  • Emotional support, including individual counseling when needed
  • Round-the-clock supervision
  • Holistic therapies, such as nutrition support and exercise

Receiving support and treatment during detox is the best way to ensure a safe, complete detoxification.


After completing detox, people must participate in a comprehensive substance abuse treatment program. Treatment plans are tailored to meet each person’s needs and typically include:

  • Individual behavioral therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Group support
  • Relapse prevention education
  • Medications
  • Mental health treatment
  • Exercise, nutrition support, and other holistic services
  • Trauma therapy

After completing a residential addiction treatment program, people may move to less intensive levels of care or may develop and follow an aftercare plan that involves support and treatment in the community.

The typical duration of a residential addiction treatment program is 30, 60, or 90 days. However, people with prolonged or severe addictions, co-occurring mental health conditions, or a history of substance abuse treatment may require more time in treatment.

5 Benefits of Residential Addiction Treatment Programs for Veterans

Residential addiction treatment programs in Texas provide intensive treatment that allows people to safely detox from drugs and alcohol and begin their recovery journey with a reliable foundation of support.

Here are five of the most significant benefits of residential addiction treatment programs for veterans in Texas.

1. Comprehensive treatment

Addiction isn’t simply a physical disease. To be successful in recovery, people need access to well-rounded treatment that can address addiction’s complexities.

Participants in residential addiction treatment programs spend hours a day engaging in behavioral therapies, relapse-prevention education, holistic treatments, and mental health care with the support of peers and professionals. Veterans can devote all of their time and energy to their recovery without having to manage everyday responsibilities.

2. Structure

For most, living with drug and alcohol addiction can feel chaotic. Routines, schedules, and structures fall by the wayside as the addiction becomes the center of a person’s life. Many Veterans with addiction do not follow a schedule that allows for meals, responsibilities, socializing, or regular sleep.

In a residential addiction treatment program, patients follow a reliable daily schedule of treatments and recovery-related activities. They learn how to develop structure in their lives after treatment, which supports lifelong sobriety.

3. Community

Living with addiction can be lonely. The continuous support of staff and peers can help residential treatment program participants learn how to communicate more effectively, learn from other’s experiences, and feel less isolated during the earliest stages of recovery.

4. Tailored treatment

Veterans often live with different pressures and barriers to getting treatment. During an inpatient treatment program, the team gets to know each patient and their needs, allowing them to adjust their treatment plans as recovery progresses. Veterans get the specialized treatment and support they need to address concerns unique to this group.

5. Aftercare planning

Addiction isn’t a curable condition. People can learn to manage the symptoms of addiction and avoid relapse, but doing this requires commitment, structure, and ongoing support. In a residential addiction treatment program for veterans in Texas, people receive the care to develop a practical aftercare plan.

Typical aftercare plans include accessing community programs, support groups, medical support, ongoing substance abuse treatment, and regular mental health treatment.

Residential addiction treatment programs provide tailored treatment, support, and structure for people when they need it most, giving them the best chance at a long-lasting recovery from addiction.

Find Residential Addiction Treatment for Veterans in Texas

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