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FMLA for rehab

Can I Use FMLA to Go to Rehab?

Drug addiction and alcoholism are common problems in America, however, not everyone receives the treatment they need. According to the…

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A syringe and drugs on a blue surface

How To Find the Right Heroin Detox Center in Texas

Substance abuse is a critical issue that requires careful consideration and research when seeking professional assistance. Selecting the most suitable…

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a woman and a girl stretching their bodies

Developing a Heart-Healthy Lifestyle During Your Recovery in Texas

Recovery is more than just bouncing back; it's about moving forward with a renewed sense of purpose and vigor. In…

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a clock on a pink-blue background representing Time Management in Addiction Recovery

The Importance of Time Management in Addiction Recovery in Texas

Are you grappling with addiction? Searching for an effective way to win this battle? Have you pondered how time management…

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People bumping fists in support representing Inclusivity in Addiction Recovery in Texas

Importance of Inclusivity in Addiction Recovery in Texas

At Alamo Behavioral Health, we recognize the importance of inclusivity in addiction recovery in Texas and beyond. But what does…

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5 people running on a beach.

Comparing Inpatient and Outpatient Rehab Success Rates in Texas

Navigating the path to recovery from addiction can be a daunting journey, but with the right guidance and support, it…

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A close-up of a young man tying his shoelaces on stairs, illustrating the connection between physical health and recovery capital.

The Connection Between Physical Health and Recovery Capital

In the journey toward overcoming addiction, the pivotal role of physical health and recovery capital cannot be overstated. This dynamic…

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A medical worker representing Inpatient Rehab Success Rates

What Are the Inpatient Rehab Success Rates?

Understanding the success rates of inpatient rehabilitation programs is crucial in assessing their effectiveness in treating behavioral health issues. Inpatient…

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Silhouettes of friends on a mountain top, symbolizing the importance of substance abuse recovery capital.

Types of Substance Abuse Recovery Capital

As addiction treatment experts, we always strive to offer comprehensive, holistic, and thorough San Antonio rehab programs. In our commitment…

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A bottle of colorful pills spilled on a dark surface representing medically assisted detox process in San Antonio

Understanding the Medically Assisted Detox Process in San Antonio

Overcoming substance dependency is challenging, often marked by physical discomfort, emotional upheaval, and significant lifestyle changes. The first step to…

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Seeking help at Alamo Behavioral Health was the single best decision of my life. The clinical team is amazing, and other staff members are friendly and really do their best to create a supportive environment. I have a long way to go, but I know that I'm not alone, thanks to everyone at Alamo.

Jeremy Atkins

5.0 Stars

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