How to Choose a Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) Provider in San Antonio

medication-assisted treatment (MAT) in San AntonioOpioid addiction is a pervasive problem in the United States, and according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), “More than 75% of all drug overdoses in 2021 involved an opioid.”[1]

Beating opioid addiction isn’t easy, especially when dealing with withdrawal, cravings, and emotional turmoil, but with comprehensive treatment, anyone can recover. Rather than having to experience severe withdrawal symptoms and cravings during early recovery, individuals can attend a treatment program where medications are used to lessen these common relapse triggers with a method known as medication-assisted treatment (MAT).

Medication-assisted treatment centers make early recovery easier for individuals to overcome, reducing relapse rates and saving lives at the same time.

While there are countless MAT providers in San Antonio, you want to make sure you are choosing a reputable program. When picking a MAT facility to attend, you should look for accreditation and licensing, safe prescribing methods, what type of program it is, the use of evidence-based therapies, and the availability of aftercare services.

What to Look for When Choosing a Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) Provider in San Antonio

Medication-assisted treatment is a great tool for opioid addiction recovery. Unfortunately, not every MAT program is created equally. If you are interested in attending one of these programs, it’s important to choose one that operates under the national standards of care.

When choosing a medication-assisted treatment provider in San Antonio, look for the following qualities:

Accreditation and Licensing

Reputable medication-assisted treatment programs will go through a process called accreditation. When a program is accredited, this means they are operating under the national standards of care and safety. Most MAT providers in San Antonio will be accredited under the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF).

In addition to accrediting, the best MAT providers in San Antonio will be licensed with the state of Texas. If a program is licensed, you can trust that they are regularly inspected to ensure quality treatment services, high standards of care, and effective safety protocols.

Safe Prescribing and Medication Management

Medication-assisted treatment providers in San Antonio use safe prescribing methods to dispense medications to their clients. They will assess you to determine what medication and dosage is correct for your needs. Additionally, they will not give you too many doses of medication at once to prevent you from abusing your prescriptions.

The Type of Program

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a MAT center in San Antonio is what type of program it is. Medication-assisted treatment is available in both an inpatient and outpatient setting. While some people need outpatient treatment to care for outside responsibilities, others would benefit more from the rigorous services offered during inpatient care.

If you are at high risk of relapsing, have co-occurring mental health conditions, or would benefit from 24/7 care and supervision, you should look for inpatient MAT.

Evidence-Based Behavioral Therapies

While the medications offered during MAT programs will treat the physical aspects of addiction, it is still necessary to engage in traditional addiction treatment methods like therapy and counseling. When choosing a medication-assisted treatment provider in San Antonio, you should pick one that offers evidence-based therapies.

Evidence-based therapy is a term used to describe counseling techniques that are proven effective in managing addiction and can be tailored to your needs. Examples of evidence-based addiction therapies include:[2]

These therapies will help you uncover the root causes of your addiction and teach you how to avoid relapse using healthy coping mechanisms and by changing negative patterns of thought or behavior.

Aftercare Services

Lastly, you should always choose a San Antonio MAT clinic that offers aftercare services. To explain, aftercare includes support and services that are provided after you complete the program to ensure that you have everything you need to maintain long-term recovery. This is especially important for MAT, as you may need to continue taking your medications when you leave treatment.

Examples of aftercare services include:

  • Continued therapy and counseling
  • Continued medication management
  • Access to an alumni support group
  • Referrals to outpatient or sober living housing programs
  • Recommendations on local support groups to attend
  • Case management services like vocational training or legal assistance

Get Connected to a Top-Rated Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) Program in San Antonio Today

If you or a loved one struggles with addiction, it might be time to consider medication-assisted treatment. MAT programs can make the withdrawal process easier by limiting symptoms and help you during early recovery by preventing cravings. Taking advantage of MAT can lessen your chances of relapsing.

At Alamo Behavioral Health, we pride ourselves on offering clients all of the tools they need to be successful, including medication-assisted treatment services. To learn more about our highly-rated MAT program in San Antonio, contact us today.


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