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A group of people doing a fist bump

Healthy Coping Mechanisms During Recovery in San Antonio

In the process of healing and growth, people often encounter moments that demand resilience and effective strategies to overcome challenges.…

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Can Methadone Help in Dual Diagnosis Cases?

In the realm of addressing co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders, there is a significant inquiry: Can methadone help…

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A gambling room as one of the examples of non-substance-related addictions.

Non-Substance-Related Addictions: From Gambling to Shopping

Many are familiar with the challenges of substance abuse, but fewer recognize the equally concerning phenomenon of non-substance-related addictions. These…

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A doctor writing notes about methadone treatment in San Antonio

The Evolution of Methadone Treatment in San Antonio

In substance abuse treatment, methadone has emerged as a crucial tool in combating opioid addiction. Developed in the 1960s, Methadone…

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A worried person sitting alone and thinking about their three stages of relapse

The Three Stages of Relapse

Recovery is a unique voyage filled with both challenges and triumphs. One of the most critical aspects to be vigilant…

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a woman Celebrating Milestones After Addiction Treatment in Texas

The Importance of Celebrating Milestones After Addiction Treatment in Texas

Are you finding it hard to acknowledge your progress in recovery? Do you feel like your accomplishments are insignificant compared…

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How to Overcome the Fear of Going to Rehab in Texas

Many people dealing with addiction are anxious about seeking treatment. This anxiety isn't just about going to rehab; it reflects…

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People talking during group therapy

Benefits of Group Therapy During Addiction Treatment in San Antonio

Overcoming addiction is a complex and challenging process that often requires more than individual willpower to overcome. In the realm…

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How To Find the Right Heroin Detox Center in Texas

Substance abuse is a critical issue that requires careful consideration and research when seeking professional assistance. Selecting the most suitable…

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A yellow stethoscope next to a red heart on a pink surface representing starting your rehab program in Texas

The Advantages of Starting Your Rehab Program in Texas

Texas, with its diverse and thriving communities, is a place where your recovery process can be particularly meaningful and effective.…

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Seeking help at Alamo Behavioral Health was the single best decision of my life. The clinical team is amazing, and other staff members are friendly and really do their best to create a supportive environment. I have a long way to go, but I know that I'm not alone, thanks to everyone at Alamo.

Jeremy Atkins

5.0 Stars

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