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Sustaining Long-Term Recovery with Aftercare in Texas

Sustaining recovery is not a one-time achievement but rather an ongoing commitment. It extends far beyond the initial phases of…

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Healthy Coping Mechanisms During Recovery in San Antonio

In the process of healing and growth, people often encounter moments that demand resilience and effective strategies to overcome challenges.…

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How to Get Back on Track After a Relapse in San Antonio

Relapse signifies the resumption of substance use following a period of abstention. It's a common occurrence for many people undergoing…

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A yellow stethoscope next to a red heart on a pink surface representing starting your rehab program in Texas

The Advantages of Starting Your Rehab Program in Texas

Texas, with its diverse and thriving communities, is a place where your recovery process can be particularly meaningful and effective.…

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The Role of Support Groups in Addiction Recovery in San Antonio

Embarking on the path toward recovery can be tough, but you're not alone. Support groups in addiction recovery in San…

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The Five Pillars of Recovery from Trauma and Addiction

In the journey of life, some roads are more challenging than others. One such path is the road to recovery…

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Ways to Take Care of Your Mental Health During Addiction Recovery in San Antonio

In the vibrant city of San Antonio, where countless individuals strive to regain control of their lives, it's crucial to…

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Ways to Reclaim Your Life After an Addiction

Recovering from addiction is a journey full of challenges that requires resilience, determination, and unwavering commitment. Addiction can cast a…

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Common Addiction Relapse Triggers and Warning Signs

Addiction is a complex and challenging battle that many individuals face. While achieving sobriety is a tremendous accomplishment, the risk…

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Fentanyl Abuse – Symptoms and Signs of Addiction

Fentanyl abuse is a grave concern in the midst of the ongoing opioid crisis. This potent and often lethal drug…

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“Huge thanks to the friendly staff”

Seeking help at Alamo Behavioral Health was the single best decision of my life. The clinical team is amazing, and other staff members are friendly and really do their best to create a supportive environment. I have a long way to go, but I know that I'm not alone, thanks to everyone at Alamo.

Jeremy Atkins

5.0 Stars

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